Fey Particle Weapons- Powered by Those Using Them

A Particle weapon is a fusion of craftsmanship, technology, and arcane knowledge that is able to focus either Light and Dark matter into a lethal weapon. Particle weapons can be used as a ranged weapon in the form of a Particle Lance, or as a Melee Particle Weapon (taking many forms). 

In the hands of someone from another domain, Fey Particle weapons are nothing more than an inert staff or weapon. However in the hands of a being with traits within the Fey the weapon comes to life.

In the 2nd Age the realms of the Fey outside of reality are locked in a boundless war of Light and Darkness. Its here that the Particle Weapons first appear.

In the Second Age of The Genesys Project there are Fey Particle Weapons but limited primarily to Celestial (Light) and Infernal (Dark) spheres. Once the 3rd Age is reached though, many Spheres of Influence have their own version and added effects of the weapon. 

So how do they work? 

Lets take a look at Particle Lances (a Ranged Weapon)
Fey Particle weapons differ from other weapons as they grant an Enhancement bonuses based on the Willpower bonus of the wielder of the weapon.

Particle weapons are technology fueled with energy and tied to the user of the weapon. Its this energy in the form of their Willpower that determines many of the properties of the weapons. Dark Particle Lances slice through armor with a strength tied to 1+ Class Level while Light Particle Lances have a strength based solely upon their Willpower Characteristic.

For Example lets compare Light vs Dark weapons.
Both of our Warriors in this example will have a Willpower of 4 for a Level 2 Class. 
  • Light Particle Lance will be Strength 4 with a 16" range costing 8pts each.
  • Dark Particle Lance will be Strength 3 with Piercing 1 and 16" range costing 10pts each. 
Now if our warrior was just one point higher in Willpower...... these bonuses suddenly become much more and the cost of the weapons goes up.  

What about upgrades? These are available through Advanced Weapon Upgrades for Particle Weapons.
Particle Long Lance: Additional x2 Willpower
Particle Catalyst: Increase Rate of Fire
Particle Burst Cannon: 3" or 5" blast
Particle Heavy Cannon: Increasing Strength by 2 or 4

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