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Awesome News from NOCF Regarding Winners and a Fall Raffle!

Its all for Charity. Some big winners of the latest Summer Raffles and they are listed here. It should be noted just how many of the winners are from Overseas making the NOCF Summer Raffles truly an international charity fundraising event. 

Also..... Note on the image above........ Whoa. Cannot wait for the Fall Raffles to see more of the Warlord Titan that will be available to win!

Hi, All ~

Special thanks to all who helped with the NOCF Raffles: Board of Directors, Artist Consortium, Sponsors, Lounge Staff, Virtual Team ~ and, last but not least, all those who participated buying raffle tickets and making donations.

Congratulations to the Winners!

Be Safe,
NOVA Open Executive Board
Please contact to share your ideas and availability.
The 2020 NOCF fundraising goal is $100,000. With the help of the Virtual Foundation Lounge, we are approaching $70,000 right now. We hope the community will join in the fall raffles to help reach our target.


We are proud to present a first look at the Mastermind Models and Miniatures Warlord Titan (by Clay Williams), HOSPITALLER ABSQUE TERMINIS ~ professionally photographed by Sarah Buchanan:
The NOCF Board of Directors extends its sincere gratitude to everyone who participated with the livestreaming Virtual Foundation Lounge. It was a great success, and we may be pressing this amazing team into helping again in the fall!

If you missed the live stream, you can watch the 2020 NOCF Virtual Foundation Lounge here:
HIGHLIGHTS ~ Time Stamps Provided:

Hosts Paul Murphy and Adam Camilleri were brought to you by the skillful tech magic of Josh Diffey (Best Coast Pairings)

The NOCF Lounge Staff Jessica, Stacey, and Megan, made a few surprise appearances and rocked the virtual lounge with drink recipes and comic relief.

Three of our great charities took time to record special PSAs to thank the community for its support - these made all of us feel amazing about what we do:
  • Fisher House Foundation (40:15)
  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation (47:46)
  • Arlington County Police Department Friends and Family Fund (1:00:35)

A few past raffle winners sent videos to say thanks and show us their models. (3:34)

Some great guests joined in to support NOCF and share some of their experiences:

  • Lyn Stahl (31:30)
  • Thomas ‘Goatboy’ Reidy III (26:03)
  • Tanya ‘Warmistress’ Gates & Dave Taylor (1:15:30)
  • Goobertown Hobbies (1:35:42)
  • The Army Painter (1:56:04)
  • Val Hefflefinger & Uncle Atom (2:02:28)
  • Roman Lappat (2:28:10)
  • Reece Robbins (2:36:58)

And don't miss "The Making of Warlord Titan," a video created by CJ Kinder from Clay William's video journal (3:10:57).
57 Prizes - 6 Countries - 53 Winners

1. 30th Anniversary Space Marine (GW) WH40K Dark Angel
Markus Gotz - Bad Toelz GERMANY
2. 30th Anniversary Space Marine (GW) WH40K Imperial Fist
Kevin Mehling - Heinsberg, Nordrhein Westfalen GERMANY
3. A Year of Wasted Paint
James Whelen - South Glastonbury, CT USA
4. Abaddon, The Despoiler (GW) WH40K Chaos
Nicholas Dorich - Durham, NC USA
5. Abomination (CMON) Dark Age Skarrd
Eric Gann - Derwood, MD USA
6. Aeronautica Imperialis (GW) WH40K Imperial-Tau
Jason Murray - Fuquay Varina, NC, USA
7. AsGuardians of the Galaxy (AMG) Marvel Crisis Protocol
Mark Ferek - Altadena, CA USA
8. Battle for Shanadad (DGS) FREEBLADES Traaz v. Sisterhood
Ann Wilson - Rosharon, TX, USA
9. Bloodbound Skullreaper Command (GW) AoS Khorne
Alex Sweetser - Seattle, WA USA
10. Captain Lysander, Defender of Terra (GW) WH40K Imperial Fist
Andrew Sauers - Tampa, FL USA
11. CHAOS LORD (GW) WH40K Chaos
Kevin Mehling - Heinsberg, Nordrhein Westfalen GERMANY
12. Chaplain Asmodai, The Master Interrogator (GW) WH40K Dark Angel
Xavier Dolci - Montreal, Quebec Canada
13. CLASSIC DAVE TAYLOR (GW) WH40K Ultramarines
Paul Seal - Fredericksburg, VA USA
14. Colonel Iron Hand Straken (GW) WH40K Catachan Jungle Fighters
Ryan Scott - Bremerton, WA USA
15. Court of the Shadow Queen (GW) WHAoS Daughters of Khaine
Bryce Salau - Hoppers Crossing, Victoria AUSTRALIA
16. Crossing the Primaris Rubicon (GW) WH40K Blood Angels
Aaron Ziemke - Neustdat GERMANY
17. Daemon Prince, Death Guard (GW) WH40K Death Guard
Johannes Heppert - Regensburg GERMANY
18. Daughters of the Crucible (RAGING HEROES) Day of the Dead Edition
Brett Abbott - Cheverly, MD USA
19. Dinner is on You (GW) WH40K Necromunda Corpse Grinder Cult
Brian Beck - Paso Robles, CA USA
20. Eidolon, Aspects of the Sea (GW) AOS Eidolons
Zach McCarthy - Centreville, VA USA
21. Gaslands (OSPREY GAMES) Starting Team & Book
Lukas Scharpf - Luzern SWITZERLAND
22. Ghazghkull Thraka (GW) WH40K Ork
Zachary P. Stewart - Pittsburgh, PA USA
23. Hallowed Knight
Peter Loats - Westminster, MD USA
24. Hive Tyrant (GW) WH40K Tyranids
Michael Smith - Reno, NV USA
25. Ignis Caeli (GW) WH40K/30K Adeptus Titanicus
Aleksander Madrid - Concord, CA USA
26. Imperatus Warjack (Privateer Press) WARMACHINE Retribution of Scyrah
Ryan Markwood, Charlotte, NC USA
27. "iNcontroL" Knight (GW) WH40K Chaos
Ted Wysocki - Leesburg, VA USA
28. Ironbound Defense (FeR Miniatures)
Adam Kinder - Nokesville, VA USA
29. Ironjawz Megaboss (GW) AOS Orruk
Kyle Zmurchyk - Coalhurst, Alberta CANADA
30. Kurdoss Valentian, The Craven King (GW) AOS Knighthaunt
Julian Horvath - Vienna, VA USA
31. Lady Justice and her Death Marshals (WYRD) MALIFAUX Justice Guild
Alan Brown - Ruckersville, VA USA
32. Legion Praetor (GW) WH30K White Scars
Ryan Bridges - Bowie, MD USA
33. Leman Russ (GW) WH40K Ork Conversion
Sean Dahlin - Issaquah, WA USA
34. Lord of Blights (GW) WHAoS Chaos
William Tonisson - Mooroolbark, Victoria AUSTRALIA
35. Meganob (GW) WH40K Ork
Logan Vallare-Jones - Shawnee, KS USA
36. Mercenary Ogre (RACKHAM MINIATURES) Confrontation
Erik Johnson - Columbia, MD USA
37. Nezroyin of the Eternal Tides (Punished Games)
Kristen McDonald - El Cajon, CA USA
38. Orruk 'Ardboy (GW) AOS Orruk
Eric Hale - Fort Worth, TX USA
39. OSTLAND (GW) AOS Stormcast Hammer, Life-Sized Prop
Jerome Howell - Ypsilanti, MI USA
40. Primarch Fulgrim (GW) WH40K Chaos
Eric Lofgren - Pullman, WA USA
41. Reynald, Vengeance of the Lost (GW) WH40K Knight Worlds
Scott Dornbush - Oakton, VA USA
42. Rippa's Snarlfangs (GW) UNDERWORLDS Beastgrave
Erik Johnson - Columbia, MD USA
43. Shepherds of Contagion (GW) WH40K Kill Team Death Guard
Andrew Webb - Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA
44. Sister Superior Amalia Novela (GW) WH40K Adepta Sororitas
Thaddeus Pickett - Hope Mills, NC USA
45. Sisters of War (GW) WH40K Sisters of Battle
Kaitlyn Pickett - Chino Hills, CA USA
46. Skink Starpriest (GW) AOS Seraphon
Steve Noia - Santa Clara, CA USA
47. Sophie (REAPER) 2019
Ann Wilson - Rosharon, TX USA
48. SuperChibi Midnight Edition
Ann Wilson - Rosharon, TX USA
49. The Alphabet Squadron (FFG) X-wing
Johnathan Proctor - Springfield, VA USA
50. The Honored (GW) WH30K Zone Mortalis
Markus Kavelar - Vienna AUSTRIA
51. Thundrick's Profiteers (GW) UNDERWORLDS Kharadron Overlords
Derek Miles - Greece, NY USA
52. TMNT Shadows of the Past (IDW GAMES) Core Game Box
Louis-Andre Pelletier - Bothell, WA USA
53. Vor Brannhar (GW) WH40K Space Wolves
Geoff Hill - Madison, WI USA
54. Zarbag's Gitz (GW) UNDERWORLDS Nightvault
Adam Camilleri - Brown Hill, Victoria AUSTRALIA
55. Floating by Roman Lappat
Elias Hurd - Severn, MD USA
56. Zarbag's Gitz (MHM)
Robert Tabor - Farmington, NM USA
57. Batu Khan (GW) WH40K Space Wolves
DJ Rogers - Wallington UNITED KINGDOM

The NOCF Board of Directors has been hunkered down for months trying to come up with ideas about how to make up for the revenue stream lost due to NOVA Open's cancellation.  First up was the NOCF Virtual Foundation Lounge. Check the Success Box on that one!

Next in line is the Fall Raffles which will go live on October 15 and close on November 28 ~ allowing ample time to ship in time for holiday gift-giving! The massive MINIAC CHARITY PROJECT is underway. Subscribe to MINIAC and follow the progress; Instagram #miniac2020charity.

NOCF has a few additional surprises up its sleeve for the fall, so stay tuned! Watch for more news on the fall raffles (or subscribe for regular updates) at
3 Battle Ready Paint Plans - MASSIVE Charity Army 100k Subscriber Event!

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