Arena Mortis and Quest of the Ringbearer+ Made to order


New pre-orders are up now for the UK and EU and the other locations are on their way later today. 

Pre-Orders can be found here

Made to Order Miniatures and Action Figures

Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave – Arena Mortis £30

Fight fierce multiplayer battles

Suitable for up to 6 players

Includes new cards usable in any Warhammer Underworlds game

Quest of the Ringbearer £30

A rules-packed expansion for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

Includes 28 Scenarios, rules for creating a Fantasy Fellowship, and more

Expand your armies with new profiles and Legendary Legions

Mines of Moria £15

Craft your very own Balin’s Tomb

Plastic terrain for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

Recreate a dramatic scene in the depths of Moria

"Made to Order" Sergeant 'Ripper' Jackson £21

Veteran Sergeant for the Catachan Jungle Fighters

Armed with a boltgun, chainsword, laspistol, and vicious glare

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  1. I really like the current focus on MESBG😊

  2. Stop making one off £20+ models and update the astra militarium range already.

    That character will look so out of place with the catachan models that are the same as those that were available hen I started playing 40k nearly 20 years ago. (that and the model for Dante from the blood angels he's almost as old if not older)

    1. Eldar Falcon, Vyper, Avatar, Phoenix Lords (minus Jain Zar) say "hi".
      Also, Grand Master Azrael, Ezekiel, Corbulo, and Tycho.
      All models from 2nd edition.