An Avatar of the Gods: Creating and Playing Them In Games


New Fey Class Preview: Avatar

We have shown several 2nd Age weapons for the upcoming Genesys Project releases previously and today we are delving into the classes found in the books. Lets start with the obvious here, yes there are new additional classes in the 2nd and 3rd Ages of the game for all Domains. This includes Vehicles. Today though we are starting with one of my personal favorites for this preview, the Avatar

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An Avatar is a powerful creation for the Fey Domain made for the Paragon to inhabit. Yep, you are creating a vessel for your Paragon! The Avatar by itself is a representation of the Paragons power and dedicated to a specific Sphere of Influence your Paragon has access to. So if your Paragon has traits within the Pain sphere of influence, you can make an Avatar of Pain. You know the drill on the other Spheres of Influence..... Destruction, Corruption, Madness, Protection, Hatred, Truth, Righteousness, Justice, etc. 

The best part is that your Paragon during the game can even project itself into the Avatar for additional power.

On the battlefield the Avatar brings the power of your Paragon to the tabletop even if the Paragon is not there, or for additional craziness in bigger games where the it is there.  

Your Avatar is a non-living construct and therefore takes damage as a non-living model that can be fielded independently of the Paragon or possessed using an ability called Astral Embodiment where the Avatar gains additional strength.

Lets take a quick look at the Avatar where you will notice that there is no maximum number of Class Traits. New Traits are acquired after successful games allowing the Avatar to gain its strength through games quickly, but only within a single Sphere of Influence.

Avatars are a unique class to use in your games allowing the Paragon to spread their will into smaller games! Avatars are a force to fear on the tabletop and they can vary as wildly in form and function dependent upon their Sphere of Influence and giving you and your faction a tremendous amount of customization for the upcoming ages. 

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