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What's On Your Table: Tackling Large Projects

What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to

I’m using my extra time at home to tackle one of those large jobs I’ve been delaying... my Reaver Titan From Forge World. Now the Warlord start to finish took 3.5yrs... I really hope I can speed up haha.

Just cleaning up the pieces bit by bit, this is about half the pieces...

And to keep sane along the way, I am doing Lieutenant Amulius

I got the head commissioned from a buddy on Reddit, u/Kooperkape

Nearly finished, but have a lot more Titan to clean up...

So, I finished Lt Amulius and most of the clean up is completed, so on to the Reaver bathtime and scrub!

I’ll be posting my Reaver progress over at my hobby blog, but don’t get too excited for progress soon! Haha. Anyone interested in Titan Builds, there is also a Warhound Stage by Stage and my Warlord Stage by Stage Construction guides there too!