Its a rough spot to be in wanting to get your Sisters of Battle plastic army moving and nothing being available. We talked a lot about it and whether or not other smaller games are taking up production and resources, or if the planning and estimates of popularity were just not that far off. I still do believe that popularity of Warhammer 40k is underestimated by Games Workshop. Not the other games related to it, but 40k itself.

Regardless we all have our opinions about what happened and I am certain that GW is currently working to figure out exactly where things went south with demand not coming close to being met. (hope so).

Here is there notes for today with a situational report.

via the Warhammer Community
When you all said you wanted plastic Adepta Sororitas, you really meant it!
We’re so excited to see the love you folks have for this new range – everyone here at Games Workshop put a huge amount of creative energy into remaking this faction, and it’s been truly humbling to see your response.
This weekend, we celebrated the redesigned Sisters of Battle with pre-orders of a special launch set, and our healthy supply sold out online in record time.
Even so, we know that there are plenty of folks out there who missed out, and to you, we’d like to say that we are sorry. We produced a huge number of this box, but even our optimistic estimates didn’t anticipate the full scale of the demand.
We’re working on some pretty cool fixes for this kind of thing going forward though. Right now, we’re putting the finishing touches on a new factory next door to our HQ so we can make even more Warhammer models, and we’ve just started work on a massive distribution hub so we’ll be able to stock and ship more Warhammer than ever!
Those fixes are a little way off, but we want to assure you that we’re on it, and you can rest easy knowing that when the full release of the Adepta Sororitas lands in early 2020, there will be plenty to go around.
You do still have a chance to get a hold of the Sisters of Battle Army Set set – your local Warhammer Store will have a limited supply of copies for launch on Friday 29th, and you might find some in your nearest independent retailer too. Make sure to get there early and you may still be able to grab a copy.
Even if you don’t, or there isn’t a Warhammer store near you, don’t lose faith – the Army Box  was only the tip of the blade, the vanguard of a massive Sisters of Battle release that will be here before you know it. While, for now, the contents of the Army Set are specific to that particular box, units from the set will be getting their own multipart release in early 2020.
Here are a few you can look forward to:

Battle Sisters

No Adepta Sororitas army would be complete without a healthy core of Battle Sisters. The multipart kit will be PACKED with extras – weapons, shrines, a cherub, and the option to build squads of elite Celestians (with awesome Celestian helmets) or Dominions (the special weapons teams of the Adepta Sororitas).


The incoming multipart Seraphim combine the dynamic airborne poses you’d expect with a swath of optional extras. Of course, the holy trinity of bolter, flamer and melta is represented, as is a brand-new kit option – the elite combat-specialists of the Zephyrim.

Penitent Engine

And, of course, the Penitent Engine.
The new codex brings new options for this unhinged juggernaut of death, including new combat weapons and a new “shooty” alternative unit – the Mortifier.

The Codex

The new codex itself features all these units and more. For those who do miss out on the Army Set, January is right around the corner, so you’ll be able to pre-order it in no time.

We’ll have more news for the faithful very soon – there’s a Warhammer 40,000 Open Day coming up on the 30th of November, after all

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