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Army Wide Rules for Sisters of Battle Including Miracle Dice!

Miracle Dice are revealed, as well as other army wide rules for the Sisters of Battle. Available this weekend for pre-orders.

via the Warhammer Community

Miracle Dice
"In our unboxing of the Sisters of Battle Army Set, we mentioned the inclusion of 12 Miracle dice. These dice are kept to one side and accrued over the course of the battle as certain circumstances are met, and they’re expended to channel the Acts of Faith for which the Sisters of Battle are renowned. Here’s how you generate them…

Each time you earn a Miracle dice, you roll it and add it to your pool, while retaining its score. You can then expend these dice in place of certain rolls (hit and wound rolls, saving throws, and more) later in the battle to ensure you get the exact result you need, when you need it."

Sacred Rites
At the start of the battle, you can either pick one of the six Sacred Rites to activate – whichever is most advantageous for the mission or enemy army at hand – or sacrifice your choice to generate two at random to benefit from both!