A look into the November White Dwarf to see what all the talk is about.

Loads of free stuff in this months issue. Here is what is inside.

Free Cards
Black Library: A4 Sabbat Worlds Crusade art print
Blood Bowl: The NAF Fun Police Dirty Trick special play card
Warhammer Underworlds: Ur-Predator upgrade card
Adeptus Titanicus: The Miracle of Mars Tricks & Tactics card
Aeronautica Imperialis: Rudok Redz Grot Bomb Ace card

Here is a quick preview: There is more to see, just follow the link

Index Imperialis: The Inquisition

The shadowy Ordos of the Inquisition are the stars of the largest Index Imperialis to date, featuring a whopping 20 pages of background and rules content – it’s like a mini codex in its own right!
As well as reading about the history of the Ordos and how they operate, you’ll find a host of new and updated rules in the form of Stratagems, datasheets (including those of unique Inquisitors such as CoteazGreyfaxKaramazov and Eisenhorn), Relics and even a new psychic discipline, Telethesia. It’s essential reading for fans of Inquisitors everywhere!

On the Mawpath

The phenomenon of the brutal warpaths undertaken by the Ogor Mawtribes is investigated like never before in this article. Not only can you read all about what drives the hungering hordes to undertake these destructive rampages, but you can replicate one such ‘Mawpath’ with a brand-new campaign system – complete with your own, culinary-inspired campaign roster! In fact, we’ve even made the Mawpath Campaign Roster available to you as a free download – just click on the button below!

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