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Offensive power of high strength attacks vs skill with weapon and shield. Why and how does this play out so differently in the Genesys Project

In the Genesys Project melee combat is more than just a single number to roll or re-roll to get in a lot of hits. In the Genesys Project melee combat gives you two options, whether to go offensive or defensive to get your bonuses to Combat Situation.

Definition- Combat Situation
Both players front load all their bonuses and compare them to each other (a number between 0-4). Bonuses include Strength, Outnumbering, High Ground, Charging, etc. Compare the two totals and the highest player has the what we call "the Advantage" and takes the difference between the two sides and gets to apply them to their die rolls for the combat!

Going offensive grants you bonus to your Combat Situation From Charging and Strength and applies any Combat Situation Advantage to your rolls to hit your opponent.

Going Defensive also gains a bonus from Deflection from using something like a large shield. If you have a Defensive Advantage your bonus to your rolls goes to any saves you have to make!

So making a highly skilled armored warrior who uses a shield can be very durable. Imagine this........

You just finished taking on low level warriors in the previous round. Suddenly you are charged by some very powerful massive sword wielding Barbarians! Oh crap. They are going to get some serious bonuses on the charge. Luckily you have your shield and go defensive to help negate their charge this round. Surviving the attack, the following game round survivors from both sides fight, and this time you go offensive! They have no charge, and must rely upon their strength alone to beat you down. or you go defensive to continue just how durable you are and rely upon your martial skill to continue the fight depending upon where you can best overcome any enhancements the enemy has.

How you design and play your warriors is very important. You can even design very fast moving and hard to hit warriors! Combat is very dynamic in The Genesys Project and can change from the round to round dependent upon the conditions and situation on the battlefield!. One of the worst things to do is getting caught and being flanked by charging Cavalry!

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The Genesys Project is a Customizable Wargame. You decide what traits your factions have, and create your own faction, advancing through gameplay. Its a Miniature Agnostic game meaning you already have the miniatures you need to play the game.

The Core Rules Hardback $30
Digital Version $20
96 page book
Inside is everything you need to play in all three ages of the game, from missions to progression. The rules themselves are 45 pages long with everything in there, from board set up, gameplay, missions and progression awards.

Included are 7 playable factions! All their rules for each one. There are 2 Humanoid factions, 1 Fey, 1 Reptilia, 1 Biest, 1 Insekt, and one Monster Hybrid faction. Its literally 7 complete factions that you can play as is, or even customize and advance through gameplay. Literally you can play the game right out of this book!

Literally the value of the game is a little crazy on this book.

The Birth of Genesys Hardback $40
Digital Version $30
200 page book
This is the first age. A medieval fantasy setting were you can create your faction from any of the 5 Domains of Life- Humanoid, Fey, Reptilia, Biest, and Insekt. Create your own Monsters, Dragons, customize your spells and equipment, your faction is yours to create.

This book has literally hundreds of traits for each domain and you would not believe the level of customization that is possible. Create a human faction and study forbidden lore to start turning your people into undead minions! So much is possible, and your story is just beginning.

This book contains everything you need to select new traits and new classes for existing factions or one you created yourself. This is the companion book for the Core Rules and in tandem are everything you need to really take off in this game.

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