This is what you saw if you were trying to order
I seem to remember this kind of bad will within the community before set about by very limited boxsets available upon release dates. In some cases systems crashed and many people were not able to get their orders in.

Essentially all this build up for the past many months and this is what we are left with......

In the meantime the prices for these sets are artificially going upwards fast paying well over $300 in many cases on ebay. Without a solid announcement from the GW (Warhammer Community) I can see these going up considerably more.

Check these out.

Previously on Faeit 212
Now we did get this article that went live yesterday and then was removed. Im assuming this is coming later today or on Monday.

This basically says there is more news coming at the end of this month but you are mostly out of luck until early next year. Perhaps a little less printing of some other games and more focus here would of really helped. Too many games bogging down the one with the most demand?

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