There are 10 days left on Backerkit for the Genesys Project pre-orders. This will end the Kickstarter prices for the game, so it's time to show you a little bit of what you are getting with game.

First off the link to get involved now.

If you were on the fence, this should help you decide.
All backers first off will be getting the game earlier than any order beyond November 30th. This includes both Digital Versions and Hard Cover books. Announced day for books in hand was in February, but I am still thinking we are going to beat that, so I am expecting January.

The Genesys Project is a Customizable Wargame. You decide what traits your factions have, and create your own faction, advancing through gameplay. Its a Miniature Agnostic game meaning you already have the miniatures you need to play the game.

The Core Rules Hardback $30
Digital Version $20
96 page book

Inside is everything you need to play in all three ages of the game, from missions to progression. The rules themselves are 45 pages long with everything in there, from board set up, gameplay, missions and progression awards.

Included are 7 playable factions! All their rules for each one. There are 2 Humanoid factions, 1 Fey, 1 Reptilia, 1 Biest, 1 Insekt, and one Monster Hybrid faction. Its literally 7 complete factions that you can play as is, or even customize and advance through gameplay. Literally you can play the game right out of this book!

Literally the value of the game is a little crazy on this book.

The Birth of Genesys Hardback $40
Digital Version $30
200 page book

This is the first age. A medieval fantasy setting were you can create your faction from any of the 5 Domains of Life- Humanoid, Fey, Reptilia, Biest, and Insekt. Create your own Monsters, Dragons, customize your spells and equipment, your faction is yours to create.

This book has literally hundreds of traits for each domain and you would not believe the level of customization that is possible. Create a human faction and study forbidden lore to start turning your people into undead minions! So much is possible, and your story is just beginning.

This book contains everything you need to select new traits and new classes for existing factions or one you created yourself. This is the companion book for the Core Rules and in tandem are everything you need to really take off in this game.

The Genesys Project is designed to create just about any faction using the miniatures you have with an innovative set of rules 6 years in the making after an extensive Open Beta playtest that was 14 months in the making. Ideally played with a group of friends or a larger group located at a gaming store or gaming club, this players become the factions in the world, playing and growing their factions in response to each others advancements.

Make certain you check out what is available (there are some gaming aids like templates, a second faction pack (digital only with even more factions available!), and a primitive age expansion all available to pre-order now at Kickstarter prices.

The link again

And yes. Distribution is locked down as well. Let your stores know its coming soon.

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