Shadow Wars was here and gone quickly. There is so much talk on about it being limited and gone, but to be honest I truly don't think GW will let this one slip on by. So for right now, there should be no panic, as Monday we should get more information as to the games availability in the near future.

Need some information regarding special operatives? Here is a report from a reader nice enough to share his experience with the game.

via readers on Faeit 212

So if anyone else is wondering about the Special Operatives, like I was when I first saw them, the thing is in the campaign you are storing up Promethium, once you get enough Promethium you play one more game and if you win that game you win campaign. (If you look at the PDF you see some things like Grey Knight Terminators give bonus Promethium to enemy if taken out.)

You can also spend Promethium to recruit more dudes or guns, it looks like you can only do one or the other after each game, (you get a small amount of points to buy new stuff without spending promethium. )You also have to spend Promethium if you want any of those Special Operatives that you see in the alternate faction pdfs that were online (the factions in base game also have Special Operatives.)

The Special Operatives for Astra Militarum were tech priests, Ogryns, Commissars, and I think Tempestus Scion. Anyway so to get those Operatives like Wraithguard you are taking a risk in falling behind on your victory score for campaign, but if you win, might even out (amount of Promethium you get for winning is random.)

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