We have been talking about for quite a while now, and the winners have been announced for the charity raffles for NOCF. It was quite the raffle this year, and I had the chance to really meet the fabulous painters that donated their time and work to this event. They are really a  great bunch of guys, and next year I plan on spending more time with these guys to see what else I can learn.

The Winners Are-
(please verify with the NOCF Linked announcement)

Warhammer 40k: Alaitoc Eldar- Christian Caley from the Isle of Man UK
Warhammer 40k: Sons of Orar Space Marines- Alasdair McMillan from Leicestershire UK

Flames of War: Batalion  Piechoty- Mike O'brien from Sacramento CA

Crew #1 Bayou Boss- Joseph Troxell from Delaware OH
Crew #2 The Thunder- Peter Evanko from Alexandria VA
Crew #3 Miners and Steamfitters Union - John Miller from Jacksonville NC
Crew #4 Hide and Seek- Thomas Wynn from Parkville MD
Crew #5 Salvage and Logistics- Greg Fleming from Wilmot Nova Scotia
Crew #6 Herald of Obliteration- Christopher Harkins from Odenton MD
Crew #7 Guild's Justice- Maurice Kent from Olney MD

Corvus Belli's Studio Mini "Maverick"- Michael McIhargey from Odention MD
Roman Lappat "Forever Young"- Jessica Rich
Roman Lappat "Zeta, the Barbarian Babe"- Raul Rosado from Triangle VA

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