Forgeworld has lots of fantastic things in the future, much of what appears to have been revealed during the latest Forgeworld Open Day. Of them, the Ordinatus-Minoris Macro Engine is on the top of the list that I cannot wait to see.

Now we have solid images of the rules to check out. Lets take a closer look.
There are two options with a different weapons load out for this massive super heavy.
1. Ordinatus Sagittar - 14/13/13 with 14 HP  Bellicosa Volcano Cannon Str: D AP1 apocalyptic blast 10"

2. Ordinatus Ulator - 14/13/13 with 14 HP  Ulator Class Sonic Destructor StrX which depends on the targets, ignores cover, and instant death.

You can see the images on the War of Sigmar courtesy of Lady Atia

via Aeternas

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