This week we have a new battletome up for pre-orders, Battletome Stormcast Eternals, along with Prosecutors, the Knight Venator, and upgrade packs. The upgrade packs are something that I like seeing with new releases from Games Workshop, as it adds new options for the existing line of models.

Here is the latest from Games Workshop

New Today from Games Workshop
Battletome: Stormcast Eternals £35
Battletome: Stormcast Eternals Limited Edition £85

Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins/ Celestial Hammers £35
Knight-Venator/ Knight-Azyros £25

Knight-Excelsior Upgrades £7
Celestial Warbringers Upgrades £7

Angelos Conclave £70
Wardens of the Realmgate £153
Devastation Brotherhood £140
Vanguard Wing £135
Knight-Excelsiors Chamber £107
Celestial Warbringers Chamber £107
Hammerstrike Force £105

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