We get these every once in awhile, and this one could be no different. However, its out there now, and well.... you never know. A new release would definitely drive up the interest for the game, which has to be one the most popular specialist games that people still play.

Where it stands..... With the stand along game Horus Heresy game on the near horizon, I find it difficult to think that this going to be around the same time frame.

Just remember, it's a rumor, and based on an alcohol driven conversation.

via Lee on Guildball.com
I popped in to my local Warhammer store to buy some paints today. The Black Shirt asked what I was painting, so I told him GB Masons. He was very interested, and said he'd been meaning to have a game of GB for ages. I of course informed him about the friendly regulars at NWGC, (7pm every Thursday).

He then asked me "Did you ever play Blood Bowl?" Of course I did! I loved Blood Bowl! It had its faults, but I never had a bad game.

"Well, you'll be very happy in October..." 


Apparently, some Higher Up got a tipsy at a recent GW staff meeting and spilled more than a few beans. 

Too good to be true? Possibly.

Will it dip in to my GB funds? VERY doubtful. I still need a pitch, and tokens, more teams...  :D

Will it be limited edition, and cost a bomb? I'd bet my third nut on it! 

As per anything remotely related to GW info, apply salt as required. 

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