The Alaitoc Eldar army looked packed up and ready to go for the winner of the Nova Charities raffle that is going on currently. Remember that you just need a deliverable address anywhere in the world to win this. Not only do you get the army, but the KR Mulicase that it comes in. It's a win win scenario for charities, and you can win it for very little. Here are the details.

If you havent read the details.... the Wraithknight comes in his own case!

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation
95% of proceeds directly support this charity

Final 5 Days:  Win One of Three Armies ~ or 7 Malifaux Crews ~ or Exclusive Collector Minis!

All of the NOCF charity armies have been gifted with custom foam and cases by KR Multicase – which means we can ship anywhere in the world with a deliverable address, confident of the fact your beautiful miniatures arrive as safely as possible:

The Alaitoc Eldar all snuggled down in their own custom foam!

The Alaitoc WraithKnight is awaiting the arrival of his personal KR Mutlicase travel case! He’s just too big for the average carrier!

Other Armies:

Plus Three Model Raffles!
Infinity Studio Painted Mini Exclusive: Maverick with Boarding Shotgun
Donated by Corvus Belli

Vampire Forever Young
Donated by Massive Voodoo’s Roman Lappat

Donated by Massive Voodoo’s Roman Lappat


Ships to winner anywhere in the world with a deliverable address
Drawing:  Sunday, September 6, 2015 at the NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention
Check out to review these armies from box to raffle:  NOCF BLOGSPOT  (

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