Pew Pew Pew. We all know the player or players in our local circles that fall into this category. First off, why play with dice if all we are here for, is to have fun. If you really dont want to make a game out of it (if its a game it infers that there is a winner and a loser), then why even bring dice.

Instead I have this to offer. Lets not bring any dice for your just for fun table top experience. Instead lets just do what any good 5 year old will do, and just move our stuff on the board and say "pew pew pew", and knock over a couple dead soldiers. You could even take turns doing this, but taking a turn would once again infer this might be a game, and thus a winner and a loser. This is where the creativity could really begin for your non-competitive fluff player that just wants to have fun, making explosion and dying sound effects.

So all you fluff players, either grow up or become real fluffers. I mean really. There really is lots of room for you in this hobby, however, going around smack talking better players than yourself by claiming "if I spent that much on my army", or "I only play for fun" is really r-trded. I know you only want to play people you know you can beat reliably, so the excuses are really just that, excuses.

Please please, just give up your weak lame excuses, and next time on the table..... just say pew pew pew, and put those dice away.

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