Another Tyranid release is scheduled for pre-orders, not this weekend, but the following weekend. We are looking at a Venomthrope/ Zoanthrope dual box set release. There had been a lot of speculation on what was going to be coming regarding the Venomthrope and Zoanthrope, and today we finally have some answers.

Check this out.....

Please remember that this is early information, and as such very much a rumor at this moment.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The box kit for tyranids coming out next weekend is a Venomthrope-Zoanthrope dual kit that will come with 3 models. The exciting part is that there is a new zoanthrope character upgrade called a Neurothrope, which very much sounds like the old Doom of Malanti. it comes with a spirit leech -warp charge 1, that targets an enemy unit within 18". Leadership check on 3d6 or suffer a wound by each point the test was failed with no armour or cover saves. Each wound also adds 1 to your dice pool for Warp Blasts.
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