February's White Dwarf is not going to be focused on Daemons. Nope. The way this rumor came in gives me quite a bit of confidence in its accuracy. Enough to say that this is an internal leak would be a better description of the information.

So what are we getting..... Flyers!!!!!! Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Tau, and Eldar.
I am going to assume that with this rumor, it means that daemons are a February pre-order with a March release as many rumors have been claiming. 

This rumor has me all excited to see what is done with aerial battle and the new flyers. I want to give the source a huge thanks. He/she really made my day/week/month. 

via an internal Games Workshop source
Next White Dwarf will feature aerial battle using campaign of fire rules and NEW flyers

Tau receive a flyer and data sheet for it.  Fast attack choice. Armor 11 all around. Non tau pilot. Looks like a manta ray flying backwards.  Bs 4 super sonic. S6 ap4 missiles. Off center gun heavy 6 str 5 ap 4 twin linked or single small blast Str 8 ap 2. 

Eldar flyer and data sheet for it. Very similar stats to dark eldar flyer has missile lock, has distortion missiles.smaller fighter looks like elongated vyper.

The harpy for tyranids. Nothing to note. Not a dual kit.  
The final surprise.  A fourth flyer.  The long awaited dark eldar bomber.
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