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With the new AoS edition and the state of my GSC in 40k, I thought it was time to finally start that Ogor army I’ve always wanted since reading a 6th ed. WD batrep years ago.

Below is my first unit of Yhetees, freshly zenithaled and based with cork. These old models are actually quite endearing IRL & I can’t wait to quickly paint them up with oil washes and drybrushing. The ice weapons will take more effort though.

Next, we have a Mournfang Skal. I’m experimenting with melting snow bases, using the glue/paint/baking soda trick. It lays flat so I’m going to add more Valhallan Blozzard to give the patches height. I’ve added a gloss varnish to make things look wet (reads much better IRL)

Lastly, I’m messing with glazes to suggest cold bodies (pics of those in the future) and bruised faces and oil paints for different skin tones.




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