Preparing to Launch- Revelations and Exodus

The Genesys Project is getting ready to launch the next two books taking your battles into the 2nd and 3rd Age of game. Of course we have a few images from this evenings playtesters in a 1250pt tank battle and a look at both covers.

Please head on over and sign up to be notified when we launch. The Launch date is set for November 12th

The Revelations of Genesys: 2nd Age takes you through modern conflicts and into the near future where the Apocalypse looms and warfare takes on a whole new meaning. Delve into customization of your modern/apocalyptic weapons, design your own vehicles of war, and fight your way through an Age where the catechisms of war loom at every corner. 

The Exodus of Genesys: 3rd Age takes your faction into the distant future, expanding outwards into the abyss and new theaters of war. Cybernetics, mechs, robotics, and other mechanisms of conflict reign supreme. In the 3rd Age, customization advances far beyond the previous ages, with new energy sources for weapons, vehicles, and mechs bringing new dangers and revealing new horizons. Note: The Core Rules book is required to play the game.

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Playtesters tonight had a great tank battle on their hands. The battle ended up with one player taking their Primary Mission in the 6th Game Round, while the other player ended up taking the Secondary objective. 

Something that was interesting tonight...... The drivers of a two destroyed tanks were able to get out and survive the battle to claim the Secondary Mission for the battle! The dedicated tank crews were armed with pistols for sidearms fought hard even after their tanks were destroyed.

Both Missions victories for the players were fought hard and only achieved in the 6th and final round.

Note that the playtesters were fielded 4-5 tanks apiece (from various miniature companies), and some were not painted.
Every tank here was customized with the cannons, machine guns, etc that the players created with the rules for the Revelations of Genesys.
total tank count

Player 1 
  • Heavy Tank with reactive armor, targeting systems, camouflage, active counter measures, a 120mm Cannon and 2 Heavy Machine Guns
  • Medium Tank with reactive armor, targeting systems, 120mm Cannon and 2 Heavy Machine Guns
  • 2 Light military vehicles with a heavy machine gun and passenger compartment carrying 10 infantry each carrying automatic rifles.
Player 2
  • 4 Light Tanks with a 80mm Cannon and coaxial medium machine gun. Each one carried 5 soldiers with Assault rifles
  • 1 Medium Tank with a 100mm Cannon and a coaxial medium machine gun.
Note that this battle was specifically tailored as a tank battle for players to design 1,000pts of tanks and bring 20 infantry with them. Tanks from several different miniature companies were used in this battle with some that were WIP. 

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