House of Iron Orlock Preview- Cyber Mastiffs, Wreckers, and Arms Masters


Love those Cyber Mastiffs, especially the way they are painted in the above image. New Necromunda pre-orders coming this Saturday and here is a look at what is coming.

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Arms Masters

Arms Masters are tasked with keeping order within their own gang and setting an example for the younger members of the clan, both of which they achieve through a combination of cracking heads and unleashing their Cyber-mastiffs. Regarded as the hardest members of an already hardy house, it’s not uncommon for these fighters to get stabbed or shot, only to get back up and make their enemies pay dearly for angering them.

The Arms Masters have a known love of hammers, which stems from their clan’s status as the largest mining operation on Necromunda, where the arc hammer and the servo harness are tools of the trade. Of course, they’re just as good at breaking skulls as they are at breaking rocks, and as the Orlocks say, “anything is a weapon if you swing it hard enough”.


The Ash Wastes are a dangerous enough place, even without the presence of Wreckers. Leaping from their vehicles wearing their homemade jetpacks, they land on the roof of a rival rig and then either sabotage it or hack their way in to ‘liberate’ its cargo.

It’s a difficult job to master, as is using the jump booster in the confines of the underhive itself. More than one enemy fighter has been caught off-guard as a Wrecker roars out of the darkness to drive a fighting knife into their gut, just as more than one Wrecker has ended their days splattered across the floor, wall, or ceiling of the underhive.


From the earliest humans on ancient Terra through to Mankind’s expansion across the stars, the trusty hound has been at its master’s side. On Necromunda, dogs are just as common as they are throughout the Imperium, although in the underhive, they’re just as likely to be food as they are to be friends. House Orlock takes great pride in rearing dogs as guards or fighters.

To those outside of House Orlock, the sentimentality shown to their dogs is unusual, but for those within the clan, they will happily spend creds on cybernetics for their hounds to compensate for past injuries. The House of Iron book also introduces a new Orlock-specific Hive Scum, D060-K13, a Hardcase Cyber-mastiff.

All we can say is that we hope you’ve brought some treats!

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  1. Missed a trick there, should be called D060-K9 Hardcase Cyber-mastiff