Exodus Preview: Bio- Armor, Power Armor, and More

Living Armor,? Powered Armor, Battlesuits and More. 

Exodus Preview: The Genesys Project

I was catching flak yesterday from a playtester and good friend of mine for not talking enough about the 3rd Age Exodus of Genesys. So today we will help define some of the items you soldiers will be using to stay alive and dominate combat.

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There are many options for your for soldiers including Common Armors, Natural Armor as you have seen in previous ages, however Armor for the 3rd Age is quite a bit stronger with higher levels of protection and options. 

Personal Body Armor in the 3rd Age not only grants armor, but also boosts your target numbers. Essentially making it harder for opponents to land a solid hit. With the wild worlds of weapons out there this will prove useful in simply staying alive on the battlefields of the future. There are also options for exotic and synthetic materials. 

Body Armor grants the wearer enhancements to Armor, Martial Target Number, and Ranged Target Numbers.

Powered Armor is the next evolution for the soldier. Power cells either embedded into the armor or in a backpack provide suits the energy for the use of a wide range of customization. There is a lot you can do with your Power Armor. Powered Armor can be applied to any range of Personal Body Armor and is required for Heavy Tactical Armor (see below).

Stabilizers (for firing heavy weapons)
Stims for combat drugs to Enhance Skills Sets
Enhancement Movement
Enhancement Strength
First Aid: Monitoring systems
Multi-Targeting AI
Integrated Threat Analysis 
Neural Interface
Optical Lens overlay- See through various conditions.

Powered Armor grants the wearer enhanced systems to customize your soldiers role on the field.

Heavy Tactical Armor is ready and able to put you into the thickest and most deadly positions on the battlefield. It requires a strong power source to even move in, and can get quite expensive but can carry an array of systems. The suits are heavy with incredible protection and able to withstand all but the heaviest of weapons. Did I mention it was expensive?

Heavy Tactical Armor grants your soldier enhancements to Armor and Toughness

Bio-Armor is a genetically evolved suit of living tissue that is attached to the user requiring body fluids of its host (wearer) to live. The most interesting part of of Bio-Armor is that it can evolve, aiding the host inside with new abilities and traits. This can and often includes natural weapons and armor, but also learned abilities from traits.
This can be incredibly interesting with the Insekts and Rapid Evolution.

Bio-Armor grants your soldier enhancements to Wounds and Abilities.

Battlesuits are personal mechs but I am including them here to show the difference between them and the other options a soldier has. Battlesuits are piloted, larger, not worn, and take damage as a vehicle reducing the toughness of the Battlesuit as it takes damage from combat. The primary distinction beyond how they take damage is that they can take upgrades as a mech would, allowing a whole lot of customization options like the dual armature weapons etc. 

Battlesuits are personal Mechs and take damage as a vehicle. Can Take Mech Upgrades

Learn More about the Genesys Project
What is the Genesys Project? 
Its a fully customizable tabletop miniatures game where you create your own faction by selecting your own Traits and Abilities for your Faction/Species and form your Unit Classes (classes are unit types with different abilities). Gameplay is dynamic and engaging allowing you to gain awards and progress your faction through the Ages of Genesys to create your own narrative.
The Books of The Genesys Project
The Core Rules and available now for all three ages of gameplay
The Birth of Genesys- 1st Age and is available now
The Revelations of the Genesys- 2nd Age, and Coming to Kickstarter on November 12th
The Exodus of Genesys- 3rd Age, are Coming to Kickstarter on November 12th

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