Selective Fire Weapons in Our Games

The Genesys Project is bringing modern and far future warfare to the tabletop in November. The launch will include two new books; the Revelations of Genesys 2nd Age and Exodus of Genesys 3rd Age. The first thing that gamers will notice is the high attention to weapons to really bring in the fun.

Here is a preview of something you will see in the 2nd and 3rd Ages for the game...... Selective Fire Weapons.

Selective Fire Weapons. A selective fire weapon is a gun that has multiple modes of firing. For Assault Rifles for instance this includes taking a single shot, firing semi-auto, burst or even fully automatic. 

The first thing you might be thinking is whoa. That sounds like it can get overly complex for a game. Lets take a look at each mode. 

Here is a standard issue Assault Rifle in the 2nd Age. Taking a single shot gives the firer a full 24" Accuracy Range, while firing in other modes reduces the accuracy range of the gun. 

Single shots have the best Accuracy Range of the weapon up to 24". Remember in The Genesys Project that Accuracy Ranges how accurate the weapon is, not it's maximum range it can be shot. These guns can be fired up to x2 their Accuracy Range, but when doing so gives the target a bonus of +2 to their Combat Situation. Most of the time ranged combat occurs within the Accuracy Range of the weapon.

Semi-Automatic fire has a reduced Accuracy Range of 18" but allows a model to fire equal to the number of their attacks characteristics. This means that lower level soldiers will get much less out of semi-auto firing, but elite classes will really shine. Heroes and Leader type classes can be a lot of fun really taking advantage of multiple attacks.

Automatic Fire: So much fun but with a reduced accuracy range. You know that firing on auto makes it much likelier to hit a target but as you see in all the movies, quite a few shots will miss. Automatic Fire has two numbers; The first is how many dice your roll to hit and the second is how many dice you get to keep! 

So this Assault Rifle firing in Full Auto gets 5 dice at a reduced Accuracy Range, and gets to keep the 2 highest to hit the target. Also because you are firing in full auto (not at a specific target location), your opponent gets to evenly place any shots that hit into the squad. 

This creates a nice visual with bullets flying all around hitting everywhere around the target. Did I mention that firing on full auto empties your clip! While you won't run out of ammo here, emptying your clip means you must spend either your movement or your action to reload next round.

Burst Fire: If you haven't guessed it firing in full auto non-stop isnt going to get you far unless your cornered or pinned in with little or no choice. Burst Fire modes work great as an in-between as with a single pull of the trigger multiple bullets are fired. The Assault Rifle above has the option for Burst 3/1. This means you point your gun at your target model and roll 3 dice. Keep the highest.

While not all weapons are Selective Fire weapons, nor will all factions or classes have every option, a great amount of detail has been placed on how weapons work as well as their game balance when taking them to the tabletop. 

Again don't forget that you can customize your weapons with increased strength, ranges, and even munitions! There are plenty of weapons with different rates of full automatic fire, bursts, etc. Think Battle Rifles, Machine Guns, Autocannons, and even Rotary Machine guns.

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