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Wargames Atlantic Kicks It Out of the Park

Wargames Atlantic has been releasing some fantastic boxsets and these two, specifically the Einherjar (Dwarves both fantasy and sci-fi in one box) are an amazing set of just what should be done in the current miniatures hobby.

Also there are some new images as the Grognards are getting some heavy weapons.

some early test prints shared on facebook. Rough test prints.

These are in engineering now for the sprue layout and once finalized will go directly into tooling This will be a full frame set with lots of parts and options and completely backwards compatible. There will be enough heads in the box to outfit them all with each type of headgear with both gasmask or open face along with many optional female heads.

The new male and gasmask head sprue has finished tooling as well and will be included in the Grognard restock coming later this month/early September depending on where you are in the world.

We will continue to show off parts from this set as we get closer to release.

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  1. The spiders are also both sci-fi and fantasy. The box includes cybernetics and laser gun holding forelegs.

  2. I'm not sure where you're getting that the dwarves are a fantasy/sci-fi kit- they are only sci-fi? Yeah there's a couple of axes and a shield on the sprue but they are pretty scifi