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Revelations of Genesys Cover Art Concept

We are hard at work on the next age books and starting next week we will be gearing up with information on what is coming up next and inside the new books. I wanted to show off some artwork that will be getting a full reveal in a couple weeks.

This is a concept artwork for the 2nd Age book cover: The Revelations of Genesys.

We have been pushed back some for the next books. We are looking at November for the Kickstarter launch of both the 2nd and 3rd Age due to covid delays for our in-house work. This is necessary as we are working hard to make these next books even better with the addition of a dedicated editor to the project, allowing a separation of work to enhance the game books. November is looking great and we will have more artwork and information coming very soon.

It seems many people are excited for 3rd Age, a more futuristic style game (the 3rd Age seems to be a hot topic in email questions for us). However, the 2nd Age is more than just a game of modern warfare, something the artwork here is certain to project.

Interested in the Genesys Project and learning more?

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  1. I like the evolution of the cover from the first book. I'm really excited to see what the 2nd Age has in store, and scared to try and find out how to model my army for it...