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Updated!!!!! Prices for the 9th Edition Indomitus Boxset and Other New Releases in US/CA Currencies

Check this out, we started with a very solid rumor on the price that we will see for the Indomitus boxset. Now we have solid prices for the US/CA!!!!

Rumored Prices for the EU via Sources on Faeit 212 (Once I get an actual price point I will update this)
According to my source the New 40k Box Set will be 155€, very good price for a Rulebook and 61 Minis!

We now have the prices for the US/CA.

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  1. That's definitely more than 50% off of what those kits and the book will cost separately.

  2. Less than I expected. Now I am pumped!

  3. i never get this right but does anyone have an idea on the estimated uk price?

  4. Stoked for this set and its so very tempting to start a Necron army as well.... I'd probably do something rusty, with weathering powder and some small bits of flock to show them having been in the open weather for too long before reanimation....

  5. So AUS$ is going to be over $300.. yay

  6. If it is £120 or so I'll definitely have to get it wow