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New Kickstarter- Junkyard Boys- 3D STL

This kickstarter is by a gamer for gamers with the concepts of getting the most options for your Orks with interchangeable parts to make just about every Ork unique through options only possible through 3D printing.

Here it is.
$486 pledged of $1,000 goal
5 backers
29 days to go
I love Orks. They are the most fun army in sci-fi/fantasy. Who doesn't love the sight of a green wave flowing across the board to stomp the enemy?  However, a green tide is not a cheap proposition, which is why I also love my 3D printer.

With a 3D printer the cost per soldier of a large army is just a few cents. parts can be combined so no glue is needed and they will never fall apart. Combinations are limitless. Parts you don't like don't need to be used, you just print the ones you do like over and over. Customization is only limited by your imagination!

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