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3D Printing and Patreon Subscriptions

Well Ive bitten the bullet. While I was in town over the weekend I have subscribed to a few Patreon services for miniature STL downloads on a monthly basis. My top picks for these are Heroes Infinite, Titan-Forge, and Anvil Digital Forge.

A printer will soon be on it's way when I return to the office and we will be documenting what it takes to make the plunge and get printing!

For one thing though, downloading the files is a task as the files are rather large. Can't wait to get started. Talk soon.

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  1. I've really enjoyed the work coming from Artisan Guild, I'd recommend giving them a look. Titan Forge looks pretty cool, I'll have to look at them.

  2. Liking "lord of the print" for some big monsters :).

    One day i'll invest in this... maybe lol

  3. Yup I am subscribed to all these as well, plus Artisan Guild and Cast 'n Play. Good choices all around!

  4. I've been interested in getting into 3d printing myself but I'm worried about the learning curve for a crusty old brain like mine. I've been hoping that eventually a system develops where you buy a printer, plug it in, send it a file, and a perfect print comes out without having worry about finessing the file or messing with printer settings, which currently seems to be the case.

    Looking forward to seeing your experience.

  5. Check out lost kingdom. If you like lizardmen and tomb kingds that's the place to go