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What's On Your Table: Necrons- Khertet Dynasty

What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to

Hi Natfka,

I have attached pictures of all the lovely Necrons I have fully painted during lockdown on the lead up the Pariah, all part of my very own Khertet Dynasty - a Dynasty that during the time of flesh were amongst the most powerful in the Necrontyr who have mostly stayed sleeping for unknown reasons in the 41st millennium. They currently number only a few activateld Tomb Worlds in dark space located in the galactic north and mostly rely on surgical strikes on other known Tomb Worlds to bolster their numbers.

Before the war in heaven the Khertet Dynasty wore death masks made of obsidian and black cloaks to war, a terror tactic to symbolise a tsunami of death that advances on its foes. This has carried over to the dark face and shoulder plates on the necrodermis bodies they inhabit today.

The kit bashed Lord is Zarakeph the Indiscriminate, a lowly but dangerous Necron Lord whose preferred method of waging war is to lead swathes of Warriors into battle, blasting and exterminating any and all organics in their path; no matter how harmless, no matter how innocent.


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  1. they look lush, really nice theme - the orange plasma is very effective

  2. That a really nice paint scheme!

  3. Very nice and clean paint scheme, well done!

  4. I'm in love with this colour scheme!! Could you post a list of the various colors you used, please? I really wish to paint my necrons with this scheme, once they'll arrive!