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Another Look at the 9th Edition 40K Video- Breaking it down

OK, this video for the new edition of Warhammer 40k is really top notch. Ive seen it several times, and its time to take a closer look at it- and break it down from the ones who made it- GW.

Ive added some comments and thoughts for the images. (really hoping for new Guardsmen with options for women in the ranks)

The Warhammer Community breaks it all down for us at this link

Imperial Architecture

Hey, that looks a lot like Sector Imperialis scenery, right? There’s a Munitorum Armoured Container there too, and loads more recognisable Warhammer 40,000 terrain scattered throughout the trailer. We’re already looking forward to the many dioramas that will no doubt be lovingly constructed and painted based on events in this trailer.

(New Terrain were battles like this can happen? I hardly think so, but we might get some new terrain to give us something on this)

Cadia Stands

Cadia may be rubble, but the men and women of that world fight on in the Emperor’s name. These Guardsmen bravely face the oncoming Necrons, and okay, maybe it doesn’t work out all that well, but you have to admire their steely determination. It’s no wonder their world crumbled before they did.

(Are we going to finally get Women Soldiers!!!! It certainly looks like it)

That Looks Like It Hurts

Ever wondered exactly what Necron gauss weapons do to their enemies? Take a long, hard look. We can’t say it looks pleasant, but then neither does a bolt round to the chest.

(So looking forward to new rules for the Necrons)

“We Are His Wrath!”

Is this the age of the Adepta Sororitas? When they’re this awesome, it certainly seems like it should be. One Battle Sister takes on loads of Necrons single-handed… what a hero.

(Just an awesome image that I went into the video to grab right away for my desktop)


Necrons players have got something to look forward to – that something being three bladed legs and a very big, very glowy sword. Looks like the Hospitallers and Apothecaries are going to be busy…

(New Miniatures are on the horizon- we have already seen them, but cannot wait for more details)

Recognise Her?

Think back to early April and the second Warhammer Preview Online. Among the many delights you discovered were some stills from forthcoming animated projects. Consider the origins of one of them revealed!

(Just good marketing to tie things in- GW stepping up to solid standards)

“Suffering is Our Prayer”

The power of faith is on full display as the Sister’s gauss wound heals. It’s all very well knowing that Sisters of Battle can perform miracles – but seeing it in action is awe-inspiring. “The Emperor protects” really is more than just a saying.

The Emperor’s Angels

An Ultramarines Sergeant, silhouetted against an aquila with light streaming to look like wings. It’s on point, for sure. AND WE LOVE IT! We all want to be saved from ancient murder-robots by a champion of Humanity who looks this good.

(Good image, but... Well lets not dive into details- Just not my favorite Space Marine Image)

A Whole Skeleton On His Shield

We’ve seen Primaris Space Marines carrying bones in reliquaries, but this Primaris Captain is taking it to the next level. His sense of style is impeccable, and very 41st Millennium. Oh, yeah, and look at the Intercessors with chainswords! We can’t wait to get those on the table.

(Completely Awesome and over the top- where I like it)

Their Number is Legion, Their Name is Death

Okay, technically their name is Necron, but shh. Hundreds of Scarabs – check. Legions of Necron Warriors – check. Be still, our cold, metal hearts!

(Yes- Definitely awesome)

Killing Blow

Let’s see if this Necron’s reanimation protocols can deal with that! Honestly, this is just a really cool shot and we wanted to look at it more. We’re sure you’re not complaining.

(wishing we would of seen the Necrons do more damage to the Imperial Forces- Not just the other way around)

Vrrrrrm, Vrrrrrm

Be real, you’ve totally made that noise while playing Warhammer 40,000. We all have, because chainswords are cool. And seeing one in action like this? THE COOLEST.

(Chainswords Rock- Of course)

Hey There, Big Fella

So what exactly is a Skorpekh Lord? Let’s take a look at the evidence – multiple pointy legs like we saw earlier. One arm ending in claws that look roughly the size of a normal person. Another arm with a pretty vicious-looking gun. And, er, two more arms holding an extremely large glowy blade. You all know the jokes about forewarned being four-armed… We’re going to go out on too many limbs and say that a lot of Necron armies will be headed up by these guys pretty soon.

(Again new miniatures and an imposing new Unit)

There is Only War

This image of Humanity’s foremost defenders is sure to be adorning desktops very soon – in fact, you can download images like this from the Warhammer 40,000 website, and they make great wallpapers! We’re certain more than a few of you are planning your conversions of these models already as well.

(This will become an iconic image for years to come I am certain)

(Overall I love this video and is a great way to honor a new edition into the fold.)

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  1. Am I the only one thinking the Primaris Marine in the video is only the size a normal Space Marine should be?

    1. Aye, that's pretty much why we have them now: Jes Goodwin wanted to rescale Marines to where they should be and give them tidier armour like the old metal Marines used to have. That was a great move TBH, but I'm not sure about the fluff. IMO they should've just started rescaling Marines until the whole range was done with none of the Primaris nonsense, but that's just me. I'm old. :P