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40k Pre-Orders Start Off With a Bang!- Engine War is Here

Games Workshop is getting pre-orders going again this coming weekend and its going to start off with a bang- Psychic Awakening: Engine War + Adeptus Mechanicus New Miniatures! This is a great return to ordering from Games Workshop to help catch up with scheduled releases that are behind do to COVID 19. So excited to be back on track!

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Psychic Awakening: Engine War

The latest entry in the ongoing Psychic Awakening series updates no fewer than four factions with new rules, background material, and missions to play out the events. The focus has been on the Adeptus Mechanicus, because they have a slew of new models, but this book also covers Imperial Knights, Chaos Knights, and Chaos Daemons – including the latest units for Slaanesh!

Tech-Priest Manipulus

Tech-Priests are now available on their own. Their bodies are bloated with bizarre machinery, allowing them to bend the Motive Force to their will. They float across the battlefield, enhancing nearby troops and unleashing baleful energies with magnarail lances and transonic cannons

Serberys Raiders and Sulphurhounds

Riding freakish quadrupedal constructs into battle, these soldiers of the Machine God operate as forward recon and linebreakers. The kit allows you to build three models in one of two ways. Sulphurhounds dual wield pistols, and their mounts are augmented with the ability to breath flaming blasts of corrosive gas. Raiders, on the other (probably bionic) hand, fire galvanic carbines with deadly accuracy before closing in to cut down their quarry with curved cavalry sabres.

Pteraxii Sterylizors and Skystalkers

The Pteraxii box builds five of either the close-range Sterylizors, gripping white-hot phosphor torches, or mid-range Skystalkers, wielding withering flechette carbines.


This incredible kit builds one of three variations on a new flying chassis. The Transvector ferries elite troops to the front and offers fire support, the Fusilave is a ground attack aircraft with a bomb rack, and the Stratoraptor is a dedicated gunship. All of them share the same unusual design, with huge mechanical bat wings, articulated landing-limbs and a distinctive curved cockpit.

Start Collecting! Adeptus Mechanicus

This box includes ten Skitarii Vanguard or Rangers (or five of each), a Tech-Priest Enginseer and a mighty Skorpius Dunerider. The floaty tank can also be built as a Skorpius Disintegrator, so you might as well get two boxes to make the most of it.

Also Last Chance to Buy
The Fate of the Dark Imperium
Speaking of the new edition, the Dark Imperium box is making the shift to Last Chance to Buy. Even though the book will be outdated soon, it’s still a fantastic way to pick up Primaris Space Marines and Death Guard models. Stock up and grow your armies, or split it with a mate for a pair of great starter forces!

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  1. The new admech models are so derpy

  2. The riders are really cool looking but everything else looks like a different army than AM.

  3. New admech start collecting looks worse than the old one :/

    1. I dont think its a replacenent though, is it?

      I hope not. They have a fetish for replacing suprior products with shit