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Sunday Games Workshop Previews

Previews for your Sunday afternoon....

via the Warhammer Community

During these strange days, many of you have been popping open dusty boxes to finish long-dormant projects, reading through your shelf of unread Black Library material, and listening to audiobooks and going through the Warhammer TV archive on Twitch. For some of you, this has undoubtedly set the gears turning towards projects in the year ahead – and we’ve got just the thing to help you hit the ground running on your next big thing.

Right now, for every £50 you spend on Virtual Vouchers, you’ll get a bonus £5! Read the details right here, but it’s pretty straightforward. Spend £150, get an extra £15! The more you snatch up, the more you’ll save when the time is right.

Spend some time this week indulging your wild ideas for new projects, building army lists, and planning out your purchases. If you play your cards right, you’ll save loads in the long run. And don’t forget, this offer also applies to vouchers for!

It would appear that Lieutenant Amulius will feature in many hobbyists’ future plans, judging from the incredible response to his Made to Order announcement! If you missed the memo, this previously event-exclusive model will be available for just one more week – if you order one right now, it’ll be shipped out as soon as things start to move again. Don’t wait on this – once he’s gone, he’s gone for good.

If you’re chewing through your stock of audiobooks, don’t forget about the amazing weekly offer. Each week, you can get a specially selected audiobook for just 99p to help keep you entertained. Head to the Black Library Audio app today to get your copy of the fantastic Soul Wars by Josh Reynolds, and check in tomorrow to download this week’s offer, Crusade + Other Stories!