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Following the Big Reveal Here- The Lion, Fabius Bile, and More

We are following the reveal as it gets released. We will update as it happens..

Now complete... We will do this again at the next reveal.

The First Primarch- The Lion
with Andy Hoare

Finally, we have a model that we know you’ve been waiting for. If you’re like us, you’ve been following the Road to Thramas series, gazing at the incredible new Dark Angels models and wondering, what would the Primarch of the I Legion look like? Well, he’s going to look a little something like this.

The new Lion El’Jonson model is every inch the perfect embodiment of the questing knight. He is clad in the finest armour available and covered in the iconography of the Dark Angels. The Primarch also comes with the option to be assembled with or without his helmet. This impeccable fighter even has a choice of which weapon he will cut through the traitors with – the Lion Sword or the Wolf Blade. Finally, his gaming base slots into a diorama base with a heap of dead Night Lords at his feet, representing part of the bloody Thramas campaign. You can, of course, paint the dead Space Marines in any colour, even black (winks in Heresy).

Scions of Flame- Warcry
with Ben Johnson
"Worship Chaos through Flame"
These are the Scions of the Flame, a new Chaos warband, and just in case it’s not immediately obvious, they like fire – like, they really like fire. One of them is even ON fire.

As with the other warbands that we’ve seen in Warcry, they worship a specific element of Chaos – in this case, the Ever-Raging Flame. Along with these incredible models, they bring with them a range of unique abilities that will help you conquer the Eightpoints. These denizens of Aqshy will be seeking Archaon’s blessing soon (you could say that they want to become flameous) so it’s time to start practising your flame effects. Oh, and while these are the last of the “missing” warbands from the Warcry Core Book, they are by no means the final warband for the game.

Fabius Bile is Here
with Stuart Black

"Fabius Bile is the Clone Lord"

Specifically mentioned that "he is getting geneseed from Primaris Marines"
"Imperial Assassins mentioned hunting Fabius Bile."

Yes, Fabius Bile is back! Congratulations if you picked up on the not-so-subtle hints that we’ve been dropping. This iconic character has spent 10,000 years terrorising the galaxy, and this glorious new model perfectly encapsulates his warped genius. He’s the last of the original “classic” Chaos Space Marines characters to be updated and, just like with Abaddon, Ahriman and Khârn, he’s well worth the wait. Let’s take a closer look at how the Primogenitor has changed.

As well as returning with an epic new model, Fabius is also the cover star of the next book in the Psychic Awakening saga – War of the Spider. As he spins his plans and schemes, his enemies close in on him – the Death Guard, Officio Assassinorum and Talons of the Emperor all have their reasons for wanting to stop Bile. Along with background on the battles taking place amid the ruins of the Cadia System, the book will include new rules for the Adeptus Custodes, Sisters of Silence and Imperial Assassins. There are also additional rules for each of the seven Plague Companies of the Death Guard and a new Chaos Space Marines sub-faction called Agents of Bile, representing the twisted creations of the Clonefather.

Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game
Looking in on Rohan
with Rob Alderman
Quote of the session "Lots more coming in Plastic"
Plastic Heroes take about 3 months of development and there are a lot more coming.

He comes as two models – mounted and on foot – and then you get to decide how to equip him. Choose whether to have him wearing a helmet or with his hair blowing free in the breeze. Choose whether he’s armed with a deadly sword or a lethal throwing spear. Finally, choose whether he carries a shield into battle or not. You even get to choose if his horse wears barding or not. However you equip him, Éomer is a mighty hero, able to carve through armies of evil with ease. Just imagine how awesome he’s going to look charging into battle alongside Théoden and Gandalf.

Lumineth Realm-Lords
Phil Kelly on the Lumineth Realm Lords- Holy Cow
Spirit of the Mountain..... Spirit Hammer....

The Lumineth take their strength from the very land of Hysh, and these aelves follow the aspect of the mountain, from which they inherit part of their might and resilience. That incredible centrepiece model is Avalenor, the Stoneheart King. He is the eldest and the wisest of the mountain spirits that march to war with the aelves. Take a closer look at the model that is redefining what it means to be part of an aelf army.

These are the Alarith Stoneguard, the elite infantry of the Lumineth Realm-lords. They fight like immovable objects, wielding magical hammers that crush enemy skulls with a single blow. We hope that you’re ready to start seeing all of your problems as nails.

Warhammer Storyforge
The Warhammer Storyforge has been hard at work on a number of exciting new projects. We’ve already seen the trailer for Angels of Death, featuring the Blood Angels doing what they do best – killing in the name of the Emperor and looking great while they do it. We’ll bring you more info on that soon, but now, we get to take our first glimpse at Death’s Hand. If you like the shadowy world of the agents of the Imperium, you’ll love this. Take a look.

We’re working with another world-class animation studio on this project, and as you can see, Death’s Hand has a very different style and feel to Angels of Death. This tale is gory, grim and dark, full of the back-stabbing and clandestine skullduggery that happens in the unseen corners of the Imperium to maintain the power behind the Golden Throne. Death’s Hand is part of an animated anthology series called Hammer and Bolter – we’ll have more updates on that soon.