There is a lot coming next year and due to that Forgeworld will not be having a Horus Heresy Weekender in 2020. A big focus though on Dark Angels and Night Lords...... always a good thing!!!!

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A Glimpse into the Darkness Ahead
2020 is set to be an even better year for The Horus Heresy, and the game’s designers are already working hard to produce a year’s worth of incredible content! In fact, they’re so busy that they won’t be running a Horus Heresy Weekender in 2020 – they’re devoting the time that goes into organising and running such an event into creating more epic books and models instead. We can share some of the results of their toil with you now…
The Angel’s Tears are the Blood Angels’ equivalent of Destroyer squads from other Space Marines Legions. Equipped with jump packs and armed with weapons designed to annihilate their enemies, they are true Angels of Death. Whether they are armed with volkite serpenta or Angel’s Tears grenade launchers, their arrival heralds total destruction.
We’re also going to take this opportunity to reveal the title of the next Horus Heresy campaign book: The Horus Heresy Book Nine – Crusade.
The new book is all about the conflict between the Dark Angels and the Night Lords, which raged for three years in the Thramas Sector. Alongside details of this brutal struggle, there are in-depth looks at the background and lore of these two storied Legions.
That’s not all! Along with the book, 2020 will see some amazing new models released that tie in with the Thramas conflict – all of which we’ll take a look at in due time. Meanwhile, the Siege of Terra series from Black Library will continue apace as Horus and the traitors press on with their attack on the Imperial Palace. Adeptus Titanicus will also grow, adding new models and campaigns, letting you fight with god-machines in the Age of Darkness.
Warhammer Live will be running more shows delving into the lore of the 31st Millennium, while here on the Warhammer Community site, we’ll be launching a new series of articles called “The Road to Thramas”. This will be taking a look inside The Horus Heresy Book Nine and we’ll be previewing some of the awesome new models that will be released next year.

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