New model, new rules with the release of Psychic Awakening. It's all good.

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A new Chaos Sorcerer model is on the way for the Heretic Astartes, so today we’re taking a closer look at this awesome new miniature and the background of these powerful psykers.
Sorcerers of Chaos shape destiny itself with arcane rituals and unspeakable pacts with the malefic entities of the empyrean. They channel the soul-blasting energies of the warp into potent hexes and bursts of wyrdflame, and they mould the fabric of the material universe with little more than a hate-filled curse.
Once they were noble Librarians of the Adeptus Astartes, but there is a fine line between psychic power and sorcery. Those who listen to the whispers of the Dark Gods and fall for their temptations become Chaos Sorcerers, still able to channel the very power of the warp but often extending their powers with actual magic and fell rituals. Now, they revel in the anarchy of the Long War, forever striving to expand their influence and knowledge.
The new model is the perfect encapsulation of this background – a hint of Librarian with a hefty dose of warp magic and the corruption of Chaos. There are also nods to other psykers from the 41st Millennium, including Aradia Madellan from Blackstone Fortress: Escalation and the Master of Possession from the new Start Collecting! Chaos Space Marines box, who similarly wield power in one outstretched hand and a force stave in the other.

Their previous life as Librarians is suggested by the book and the scrolls that they carry – although they’re now more likely to be filled with heretical script rather than any virtuous teachings. Where Librarians wear a horned skull on their shoulder pads to denote their rank, Sorcerers wear a more twisted one just because it looks cool.
The new Chaos Sorcerer model comes out alongside Psychic Awakening: Faith & Fury, which has some nifty new tricks for the heretical Psykers of the Word Bearers Legion. Give your Sorcerer The Malefic Tome Relic so that he can choose an additional power from the Dark Hereticus discipline.
Then, when you absolutely, positively, definitely need to get a psychic power off, use the Malevolent Covenant Stratagem. Just make sure that you’ve got enough Wounds remaining to pay the cost to the Dark Gods.
With the Psychic Awakening continuing apace, there will be a flood of empyric energy empowering psykers everywhere. This means Sorcerers will be a must-have for all Chaos Space Marines armies to both cast powers and deny those of your enemies.

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