The Ossiarch Bonereapers are coming this weekend. Here is what is coming for the Feast of Bones Box Set!

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We missed these awesome endless spells from our preview of the Ossiarch Bonereapers – so here they are! For a full roundup of this weekend's pre-orders, check out our preview:

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Feast of Bones is a truly epic boxed set, packed with miniatures that let you fight fierce battles between the Ogor Mawtribes and Ossiarch Bonereapers. On the ogors’ side, you’ll find six Ogor Gluttons, two Leadbelchers, an Ironblaster, and a brand new Tyrant, while the Ossiarchs march to war with ten Mortek Guard, three Necropolis Stalkers, two Morghast Archai and Vokmortian, Master of the Bone-tithe.
This set is your first chance to get your hands on the Ossiarch Bonereapers with Vokmortian currently only available in this set and the Necropolis Stalkers and Mortek Guard being released shortly after. It’s also your first opportunity to grab the Ogor Mawtribes Tyrant!

Ossiarch Bonereapers

Feast of Bones is your first step into the necropolis, but for any aspiring Liege-Kavalos looking to conquer the Mortal Realms, Battletome: Ossiarch Bonereapers is a must-have. This tome of dark and forbidden lore is your guide to the Mortal Realms’ newest army – an unstoppable legion of warrior-constructs forged from bone to subjugate all reality!
Inside, you’ll find the background and sumptuous art that bring their dark world to life, along with top painting tips and a new set of rules with which to unleash the Ossiarch Bonereapers on the tabletop. This is a force unlike any other in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, featuring new game mechanics that reward you for grand strategic thinking and clever positioning – we’ll be reviewing it in more detail next week.
No Ossiarch Bonereapers force will be complete without the Bone-tithe Nexus. This terrifying monolith doesn’t just make any tabletop it stands upon 120% more awesome – it also has some cracking rules. With one of these on your side, you’ll be able to smite enemies, punish Wizards, weaken key monsters and more – and it doesn’t even cost any matched play points.
For those of you who’ve already fallen for the Ossiarch Bonereapers, don’t miss out on their special dice set or the nifty quick-reference warscroll cards. 

You’ll also be able to harness the malevolent magics of the Ossiarch Bonereapers with a new set of endless spells. These sinister sorceries can be cast by any Ossiarch Bonereapers Wizard as well as Nagash and Arkhan, and add new tactical options to your army. We’ll have more on how they work soon, so keep an eye out.

Ogor Mawtribes

The servants of Death aren’t getting things all their own way, though. It’s been a cracking year for Destruction fans so far, with Gloomspite GitzOrruk Warclans, and now, Battletome: Ogor Mawtribes – a new army book that forges the Gutbusters and Beastclaw raiders into one glorious (and gluttonous!) army.
Available in standard, Limited and eBook editions, Battletome: Ogor Mawtribes transforms the ogors into a deadly fighting force, with updated allegiance abilities, spell lores, sub-faction rules and much more besides. New lore, meanwhile, explores the distinct culture of the ogors, from explaining just what happened to the Everwinter to why they tolerate Gnoblars in their presence. We’ll be getting our teeth into the new book with some tantalising tasters next week, so stay tuned.

Don’t forget the accessories! Aspiring Tyrants of the Mawtribes will be able to grab some (extra large!) custom dice as well as lay their hands on some invaluable quick-reference warscroll cards.

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