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Big Mek Gyva’s latest vision from Gork & Mork (garbled intercepted ancient Terran pop culture broadcasts) has resulted in this trio of scratch builds/conversions.

From smallest to largest;

First we have the rebel grot Rippleh, rewarded his own suit of modified mega armour for being a vicious, foul-mouthed little git. Counts as a double killsaw meganob. 

Next, the Armoured Git Carria (AGC). Capable of lugging around a whole mass of ladz, this metal box is still capable of putting out enough firepower to keep the passengers entertained on their journey to the fight. Counts as a Battlewagon with a kannon and four big shootas (also with the kannon in the raised position it has almost identical dimensions to a deffrolla battlewagon). The top turret is able to be raised and lowered from the back to the roof of the vehicle to allow it to fit inside the next vehicle...

Finally, Da Dropship AKA Da ’Spress Ellyvater. Designed to essentially be a metal box with enough engines to get it airborne, what this craft lacks in subtlety it makes up for in a spectacular lack of subtlety. Its primary purpose is to spew out a bunch of dakka, crush its hydraulic legs in a botched attempt at ‘landing’ and then spew out the AGC (which itself will spew out a bunch of ladz). The usual brawls to determine which orks get to pilot Mek Gyva’s creations resulted in a stalemate between a group of Evil Sunz and a squad of Blood Axes. As a result this highly coveted vehicle represents a rather rare collaborative effort between the two clans, and as such the pilot and copilot spots are split between the two groups. Sadly Mek Gyva has no concept of what a pilot or copilot are so both cabin positions have complete control over all functions of the ship, meaning every manoeuvre is a physical battle between the two orks. Counts as the physical manifestation of my spouse’s concerns about this hobby taking up too much space in our home.

Hope you guys like them. 
Mostly I used plasticard, mostly.


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