My first thoughts on these when opening them was wow, this box is packed. I first opened a box of Raumjager Infantry which comes loaded with 6 sprues of hard plastic infantry, there is just no room left in this box.

I know it didn't go down like this, but it felt like the owner had a box in mind and put as many sprues and miniatures in there as could fit. 

The fact of the matter is you get 24 Infantry in this box with loads of options; all for $34.95. That alone makes it a great deal.

Wargames Atlantic

Lets look at them.
Good Details, Yea, I need a new blade for the gun barrel.
 I was very happy with not only the price point of this box set but the models themselves. The options are of course, standard rifles (which I really like the rifle), heavy machine gun, flamethrower, pistols (holstered and or in hand), plasma guns, communication, and throwing a grenade.

So I made a quick plasma squad with 2 plasma gunners below.

These guys will work for many different games.
The details are right on point. Hmmm. Next question.
What about scale to say.... other models we might have?

That just about perfect in scale. These guys could very easily fit into the army above as any type of elite soldier you want. Or at this price point create an entire army of them.

Putting them together I used plastic solvent and it was a very smooth operation putting the miniatures together. There was no odd attempting to get the arms to fit type of thing I get sometimes with two handed weapons/guns, so the whole operation was rather enjoyable (even if you don't really like putting models together).

As for the design of the miniatures and sprues, I really like having the kevlar/flak armor prominent on the chest and shoulders as Wargames Atlantic sculpted for these infantry. The weapons are a great mix and the standard rifle easily fits multiple genres.

One thing to note, because I had to ask, there are no bases that comes with these miniatures. Of course I tend to buy mine by the 100's (on ebay for about $10) so it was not issue.

My wish list for the sprue..... It is rather loaded, but I always like to have an individual rifle I can use for customization or to put on my squad leaders back etc for any custom work. (that is about the most nit picky thing I can even remotely say about these.)

Loaded Sprues

gun options

Great Options to make squad leaders, or the entire squad different
Over all getting 24 of these guys for the same prices you would normally buy 10 infantry is an amazing deal. They are more than equivalents for many different games. Wargames Atlantic literally puts out one of the best box sets for infantry out there.

I also have a box set of there Classic Fantasy Skeleton Warriors! I am going to show these pics but literally the same applies as above. One of the best box sets of skeleton warriors out there just due to options and what comes in the box.

This is a great deal as well. $34.95 for 32 Skeleton Warriors with loads of options.

8 of these Sprues to a Single Box!

spear and shield combos

Bowmen. 1 per sprue equals 8 bowmen per box.

decided after looking at the pics that I want shields on these guys

yes... Pike options!

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