We played a deployment 6, maelstrom of war (Chapter Approved) mission 4.

Battle Report - 2000 points - Ultramarines vs Imperial Fists
By: Varcan Cluster (Apart Of Talk Wargaming Network)

My list was an unusual one for me, but one that I am tempted by (with further play testing and tweaks of course!)

Ultramarines Battalion - 1232 Points

Captain - Plasma Pistol, Power Axe
Primaris Lieutenant - Master Crafted Bolt Rifle

Intercessor Squad (5 Intercessors), Auto-Bolt Rifles x 5, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Power Sword x 1
Intercessor Squad (5 Intercessors), Bolt Rifle x 5
Intercessor Squad (5 Intercessors), Bolt Rifle x 5

Heavy Support
Hellblaster Squad (5 Hellblasters), Plasma Incinerator x 5

Dedicated Transport
Repulsor, Las-Talon, Twin Linked Lascannon, Storm Bolter x 2, Icarus Rocket Pod, Krak Launcher x 2, Ironhail Heavy Stubber
Repulsor, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter x 3, Fragstorm Assault Launcher x 2, Krakstorm Assault Launcher x 2, Ironhail Heavy Stubber x 1

Custodes Patrol Detachment - 766 points - see below, all proxies

Shield Captain in Allarus Terminator Armour with Castellan Axe

Custodian Guard, (5 Custodians), Guardian Spear x 4, Sentinel Blade x 1, Storm Shield x 1

Fast Attack:
Vertus Praetors, (4 Vertus Praetors), Interceptor Lance, Hurricane Bolter x 4

Command Points: 6
Relics: Santic Halo (Free) - Space Marine Captain
PreGame Stratagems - None

Garviels list you can see below:
Battalion Detachment

Captain: Power fist, Storm shield
Librarian in Terminator Armor - Force sword

Intercessor Squad:Bolt rifle, 5 x Intercessor
Tactical Squad: Meltagun, Heavy Bolter, 10 Marines
Tactical Squad: Meltagun, Lascannon, 10 Marines

Spearhead Detachment


Heavy Support
Devastator Squad: 4 x Lascannons, 5 Marines, Cherub
Hellblaster Squad: 5 Hellblasters
Land Raider Achilles: Quad launcher, 2x Twin multi-melta

Vanguard Detachment


Company Ancient
Relic Contemptor Dreadnought - C-beam cannon, Twin heavy bolter
Relic Sicaran Battle Tank - Heavy bolter, Two lascannons


Length ways deployment did not help one bit here I think!

Turn 1:
I managed to go first (the +1 helped) and I went for the aggressive approach, deep striking in my Shield Captain, and the Custodians (who I had paid 1 command point for to put into Deep Strike). His Hellblasters used Auspex Scan to hit me with 10 shots, of which I failed enough saves that I lost three Custodians - super charged shots of course, not helped by a double 1 for the first two hits that I took on my Storm Shield guy!

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