Here is something I found that will help get a look at what will be inside the new Battletome Hedonites of Slaanesh.

Here are the latest details now circulating around the web.

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From TGA
Rundown from the Stream

-4 battalions in the book, and they are altered (in some unclear manner) based on what Host type you take.
- No Khorne allies (nice)
- Slaanesh keyword units are all allowed, so Beastmen and Slaves to Darkness can still be Slaanesh allegiance
- Can sacrifice Hero wounds on Fane... or give it an artefact. Still not clear what the latter does.
- Keeper of Secrets 1v1'd Archaon at "lunchtime" in a game as a Pretenders general.
- Archaon and Skarbrand got trashed during practice game, which was "quite fast"
- Keeper of Secrets battalion confirmed.
- Endless Spells are called "dreaded Visage, Mesmerising Mirror, and ..." one I couldn't make out. Mesmerising Mirror is a control space spell, that discourages people from getting to close (for some reason). Face with tendrils debuffs bravery and includes mortal wounds.
- Contorted Epitome: pair of Heralds, take energy and send it back to the Temple of Mirrors. Mirror also slows enemy combat (as we know), 2 spells: Overwhelming Acquiescence, and one I don't remember.
- Heralds are ALL WIZARDS and are split between "foot" and "mounted". Heralds can ride all the chariot types including Hellflayers.
- Overwhelming Acquiescence spell gives re-roll ones and can be cast an infinite number of times ( though still only once per caster)
- Seeker chariots get buffs to charges and impact MWs
- Hellflayer chariots are "more about the grind", and has more overall attacks than the Seeker Chariot.
- The Exalted Seeker Chariot includes both Hellflayer and Seeker chariot rules.
- The chariot rules caused the rules design team to rethink "monstrous cavalry in AOS" as a general concept, and the Slaanesh book is the first rollout of the new ideas.
- Contorted Epitome and Keeper of Secrets are the designers two favorite warscrolls in the book.
- Keeper Warscroll has a ton of options to differentiate them (apparently. This part was hard to understand - could've talked about different options in the army, e.g. artefacts or host).
- Battletome is definitely supposed to help shut down FEC by shutting down Savage Strike and command abilities with at least two different spells.
- EXALTED KEEPER OF SECRETS will get an updated warscroll to bring it in line with the new Keeper so that it "works along side it and doesn't seem weird" whatever that means.
- Depravity Points summoning costs went up, but aligned to points costs
- Depravity Points can only be used to summon - no other fun things.
- Infernal Enrapturess didn't change at all since W&R.
- MORTAL LORDS OF SLAANESH ARE NOT in battletome. Neither foot nor mounted.
- Still thinking over what to do with mortals - distinct possibility Slaanesh will be the first Chaos god with a separate book for their mortals.

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