Today we get a closer look at the new Havocs as well as the Emperor's Children.

via the Warhammer Community

Who are the Emperor’s Children?

Once, the Emperor’s Children were counted among the greatest of the Space Marines. Dedicated to perfection in all their pursuits, these once-noble warriors descended into degeneracy and madness, forsaking the Emperor and the Imperium in favour of the eternal pursuit of their basest desires. Worshipping the Chaos God of excess, Slaanesh, the Emperor’s Children have become so jaded to conventional sensations that only in the heart of bloody battle can they truly feel alive, finding perverse enjoyment in pain, bloodshed and the din of war


Daemon Engines

"The Soulforged Pack is made up of any combination of Warpsmiths(including the Lord Discordant) and Daemon Engines, and it allows you to advance on the foe with terrifying speed thanks to a nifty Warlord Trait."

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