What's On Your Table Black Friday Giveaway: Details on the Giveaway below
I wanted to share the newest addition to my Inquisitorial Warband, a Deathwatch veteran from the Black Templars space marine chapter. Lord-Ordinator Vorrus Starstrike or whatever his name is serves as a base for this conversion, with additional bitz from the following kits:

-Grey Knights Terminators (bit for backpack)
-Deathwatch Veterans (the rest)
-Deathwatch Upgrade Pack 
-Sicarian Ruststalkers (parts for his pistol)
-Betryal at Calth space marines (bolt pistol)
-Primaris (intercessors) (head)
-Tech-Priest Dominus (right hand)

I've probably missed some parts, but you should be able to make a similar conversion using said kits.  I upload my other conversions on deviantart https://www.deviantart.com/fleshcraftkitbash

Hope you like it, 
Tymoteusz (Fleshcraft)

What's On Your Table Black Friday Giveaway
We are doing two Giveaways. One for November and One for December.

The first giveaway will be a random giveaway of a $50 giftcard to anyone that submits a What's On Your Table entry before Black Friday which falls on the 23rd of this month. Even if your submission is not yet posted in time for the random drawing you are entered to win as long as you get your entry in before 12:01am November 23rd PST.

Thats it for now and I will announce what Miniature Company the giftcard will be for once I get it confirmed. The winner will be announced on Black Friday here on Faeit 212.

More info on December's Giveaway coming soon, but do know that any entries this month will also be entered into next months as well.

To enter the What's On Your Table Black Friday Giveaway, please send up to 8 pics to natfka@live.com

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