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The Ranger
Only one per army
M7" WS3+ BS2+ S3 T3 W3 A2 Ld7 Sv5+

Ranger Long Rifle 36" Heavy 1 S4 AP0 D1 can target character even if it's not the closest. Additionnal Mortal Wound on 6+ on wound roll.
Power Blade Melee SUser AP-2 D1
Plasma Grenade 6" GrenadeD6 S4 AP-1 D1

Ancestral Bane : can reroll failed hit roll for this unit when she is charging or being charged by a slaanesh unit. But you must add 1 to its moral test if a slaanesh unit is below 3".
Warrior Trance : If this model move or advance she can use her weapons (except heavy weapons) as if she hasn't moved.
Phase Cristal : (difficult to read sorry) she can move through ennemy model and terrain as if it weren't there and Invulnerable Save 4+ (? not so sure about this one)
Spontaneous appearance : During deployment you can set this model one the webway instead than on the battlefield. At the start of the first round but before the first turn, you can set it up anywhere on the battlefield, >9" of enemy miniatures.
Cameleolin cape : your adversary must substract 1 to its hit rolls while shooting with range weapons targeting this character. Moreover add 2 instead of 1 on the save roll for this miniature when it's hidden in terrain.

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