Yesterday we heard some details about the new XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit that is coming next week. Today a little more information was sent in regarding the special rules and some model details

Again this is early information and should be considered rumors. If you missed yesterday's articles on the new Ghostkeel Battlesuit, here are the links.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
A couple insights to the new Ghostkeel model and some special rules
1. The torso can be open or closed to show a pilot inside. Both a male and female Tau are included. A good thing to possibly magnetize.
2. The Sensor Arrays are on the battlesuit look the same as the Shadowsun's.
3. The Stealth Drones carry stealth emitters underneath replacing the standard weapons.

Regarding special rules- no infiltration
-Fire Team
-Supporting Fire

Countermeasures. Once per game, you can disrupt the targeting of an enemy unit, if it is targeting the Ghostkeel's unit, before dice are rolled. That unit can only make snap shots during that shooting phase.

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