Images have broken on the second wave for the new Dwarves, including the cover that we were discussing earlier. I have a description of some of the models as well as a link to the pictures.

Please remember that these are early leaks for pre-orders that are about to go live this Saturday.

And of course from our source earlier today with the White Dwarf in hand. Some of the model options are discussed.

via an anonymous source with the White Dwarf in Hand on Faeit 212 *****
Runelord -Plastic
Model options
2 ornate hammers
Metal bound tomb or a blazing rune held by tongs
Two bearded faces

Drops Bombs on the enemy or boils them with a steam gun
The model in the magazine is painted green and looks like captain nemo and the nautilus with a helicopter blades stuck to the top of it.

drops dwarf forged bombs on the enemy
The model is painted and white in the magazine. Very odd look to it in my opinion, looking like an amusement park kiddy ride.

Grimm Burlocksson-plastic
Wears a monocle for computing artillery ranges
Black mounted furnace to power his gauntlet
Armoured glove and prosthetic arm from his father (Burlock Damminson)
Two gauntlets to choose from for Grimms Grudge-Raker Rifle
Armed with a Cog Axe or pointing out at the enemy arm

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