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Empire Rumor Compilation

I have not touched this one yet, and figured it was time to get this one down on paper. Empire is rumored to be out later this year, and while Vampire Counts is right now on everyone ones mind, some are already looking to what is next. Lets take a look at the rumors.

Please remember that these are rumors and to take with the standard amount of salt.

The last time we had Empire Rumors was here.

Thanks to Harry for putting this compilation together.
Rumours about the Timescale:

There are rumours of Empire in 2012 (I had them in June but also have them in Mar/April with a BIG "?")

There are rumours that some bits will arrive before the army book (as with VC) (Harry, Mirabeau, malladin.ben)

The rumour is the War altar kit arrives with a couple of characters before the rest. (Harry. malladin.ben)

Rumours about the Games developers:
There is a rumour that Jervis and Jeremy Vetock are up to their bushy eyebrows and wire rimmed spectacles in this one. (Harry)

Rumours about the army:
Ulric is back on the menu.

Teutogen Guard are in. (ghost21)

Religion / the gods are more prominent. (Harry, ghost21, Mirbeau)

Theres also a sphere of influence so Sigmarites will not be affected by Priests of Ulric and Ulricans wont be affected by sigmaric priests...etc. Different gods priests have different abilities. Ulric are ‘frothing loonies’ and Morr focus on undead. Priests can impact on a units abilities when they join them. (ghost21).

There is a new focus on Morr. Priests of Morr, Knights of Morr, Garden of Morr, etc.

Rumours about models:
Empire will get 4 plastic kits (Darnock via birdy) 5 plastic kits (Harry) and some plastic one piece characters as well as some old models being redone in finecast.

Rumours of Characters/Lords/Heroes
There are rumours that more named Elector counts will be availaible.

Marius Leitdorf will be re-released in Finecast.

Boris Todbringer has been 'hinted' (Mirbeau)

Female sorceress/battle Wizard has been done. (Eldargal) (I assume a one piece plastic)

There is also a rumour about a priestess of Myrmidia (ghost21)

I heard something about a mounted Wizard.

I heard something about an engineer (possibly also mounted?)

Rumours of Karl Franz OR Lord/Hero on Griffon.

There are rumours of a plastic Lord/Hero on a Griffon that could 'pass' as Karl Franz. (Harry)

There is a rumour that it IS Karl Franz. (which is an interesting development as this is the first time we have seen a special, named character as a plastic kit).

“The new plastic Empire hero on griffon is also supposed to be very nice” (hastings)

Rumours of a plastic War Altar (and something new?)

There are rumours of a dual plastic kit which makes a War Altar and something else. (Harry, hastings, ghost21, malladin.ben)

It is rumoured that the War Altar can be customised to make Sigmar, Ulric or Morr. (ghost21)

There is a rumour that it makes a War Altar and a “College of Magic wizardlordmobile”. (NatTreehouse, Harry)

Rumours of new Warrior priests:
There are rumors of new warrior priests for Sigmar, Ulric, and Morr. (ghost21, malladin.ben)

There is a rumours of Warrior priest kit like the wizards kit.

These may be sculpts done for the plastic War Altar. (Rather than an additional kit or individual sculpts)

The Ulricians may just be finecast versions of the excellent ones from the storm of Chaos. (ghost21)

There is also a rumour about a priestess of Myrmidia (ghost21)

Rumours of Demi-Griffon knights.

There are rumours of Demi-Griffon knights. (Eldargal and others )

Rumours of Inner Circle knights:
There is a rumour of a new box of inner circle knights with lots of options for different orders.(ghost21)

This is the reason for no new knights. (ghost21)

There is a rumour that the Inner Circle Knights and Demi-griffon knights are the same dual kit.

Rumours of new Knights:
No new knights. (hastings)

Rumour of the sprue re-cut for the knights. (ghost21)

Rumour of individual Knightly Orders rather than redone generic set. (eldargal)

Rumour of new Knights of Morr. (Mirbeau and others )

Rumour of more packs like the blazing sun bits pack to customize the existing knights. (ghost21)

Rumours of a Nuln Siege Cannon:

Rumours of a BIG cannon. (Darnock via a birdy, ghost21)

Massive cannon used to defend the walls of Nuln. (Darnock via birdy)

The cannon is big … as big as the ogres …. Mock up had “Nuln” plastered on the front. (ghost21)

This was rumoured as part of the duel war alter kit. (Darnock via a birdy)

This has been poo pooed by others (hastings, NatTreehouse)

There are rumours of some things back from 4th edition: (ghost21)
These are the options:
- Individual Knightly Orders

- Reiksguard (foot)

- Kislev Horse Archers

- Kislev Winged Lancers

- Ogres

- Dwarfs

- Halflings (and Halfling Hot Pot)

- War Wagon

- and various named characters.

Rumours of Halflings (specifically):
There are rumours of a return of halflings. (eldargal, Harry, heihei)

[B]Rumours of the War Wagon (specifically)

There is a rumour the War Wagon is back in the book with a combat, shooty or mixed option.(ghost21)

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  1. Nice. Any word on when they will be out?

  2. Plastic, no more armies ;)

  3. a release date rumored to be within 6 months is all I know on this one.

  4. I think that all these rumors are true